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2017 "New Year" tug of war
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December 28, 2016 - December 30, Liaoning Sheng Yun Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Production Department held a "New Year‘s Day" tug of war. This competition aims at promoting the communication between production departments and enriching the employees‘ factory life. The contest provides the stage for the employees to show their collective style. Through the tug of war team spirit, enhance cohesion. All the staff have great enthusiasm to participate in the event.
A total of six teams participated in this competition, the way to race out of the race results. When the game‘s whistle sounded, the players clenched long rope, Biezujinjin desperately pull back. Cheering cheer, to add a touch of bright color to the game, production, vice president of the total to the scene of the game for the team to help out the fuel to help fuel the oil field. . Every cry has brought a wave of power! Refueling sound, cries come and go, floating in the production floor over the square.

After three days of intense competition. The final gas production workshop team won the first place. After the game, the high minister to the award-winning team awarded prizes. The final photo of the team will draw the entire event a perfect stop.


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