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Painting and calligraphy, essay competition ended successfully
[Time:2017-01-17 15:45:23 ][Read:743 ]
In order to fully display Sheng Yun staff style, in-depth promotion of human Sheng Yun, harmony Sheng Yun, and write a new chapter in the Chinese dream Sheng Yun. The value of New Year‘s Day in 2017 on the occasion, in the whole plant within the "painting and calligraphy, essay" competition, the event lasted two weeks. Entrants to the charm of calligraphy, paintings of the Fairview to create a positive, clean and elegant Sheng Yun cultural atmosphere.
The activities are divided into three stages: preliminary examination, review and final examination. After careful and rigorous screening, the painting and calligraphy works are respectively awarded the first prize by machine repair shop Zhang Mingzhi, the second workshop of machine repair workshop, Machine repair workshop Yin Zhen Yan, raw materials workshop Zhao Qiu won the third prize. The essay was awarded the first prize by Tan Xu, the quality control department, Song Deyi from Quality Supervision Department, Hou Ruxin from the power department, Li Lin from the electric furnace workshop, and Li Hao from the electric furnace workshop.

The "calligraphy and painting, essay" competition, received great response and the company has been leading the praise. Not only show Sheng Yun workers a good mental outlook and literary literacy, but also enhance the atmosphere of literary exchanges, but also further enhance the corporate culture and enhance the cohesion of enterprises.

"Painting" works first prize

"Painting" works second prize

"Painting" works third prize

"Article" works first prize

"Article" works second prize

"Article" works third prize

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