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Painting and calligraphy, essay competition ended successfully

[News center] Time:2017-01-17 | Read:743

In order to fully display Sheng Yun staff style, in-depth promotion of human Sheng Yun, harmony Sheng Yun, and write a new chapter in the Chinese dream Sheng Yun.……......More

2017 "New Year" tug of war

[News center] Time:2017-01-17 | Read:697


"Corporate culture story" award essay contest contest announced

[News center] Time:2017-01-17 | Read:718

August 11, 2016, the company launched a "corporate culture story" award-winning essay activities. As of August 18, we received 84 articles.……......More

Company staff to travel to Beihai

[News center] Time:2016-09-03 | Read:451

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, to further strengthen the team spirit, promote mutual understanding between the various departments……......More

"Enterprise culture story" prize essay contest award announced

[News center] Time:2016-09-03 | Read:501

Since August 11, 2016 launched on the "enterprise culture story" essay activities, as of August 18th,…......More

Production management and innovation highlights

[News center] Time:2016-09-03 | Read:402

In recent days, in the production of vice president under the leadership of the joint efforts of all my colleagues in the production department…......More

Embody the spirit of the ordinary

[News center] Time:2015-04-18 | Read:1112


safety training

[News center] Time:2015-04-18 | Read:1130

From April 1, 2014 to April 16th, safety and environment, to all employees work on safe production regulations and standards and the concept of legal system, safety operationsystem, high-risk operations, mechanical equipment, electrical safety knowledge, the correct use of safety equipment and labor protection supplies and other aspects of the training. To improve the workers' safety awareness and......More

The leadership of the company on-site inspection and guidance

[News center] Time:2015-04-18 | Read:1177

In March 24, 2015, the company general manager Jiang Peng, vice president of finance Li Yunpeng, accompanied by the inspection team and related personnel in the company site…......More

positions and also take all kinds of holiday gifts to them.

[News center] Time:2014-02-22 | Read:994

On 30, January, 2014, under the leadership of Zhao Ming, the vice-general manager of company, leaders of each department, and branch factory came to frontline of production to convey greetings to those staff who held positions and also take all kinds of holiday gifts to them. Manger zhao extends his New Year is greeting to the staff that has been on the production line everywhere he goes. At the s......More

Liaoning Shengyun Industry Co., Ltd. coming to express solicitude for needy families in the new year

[News center] Time:2014-02-22 | Read:1163

On January 20, at the beginning of the new year, Liaoning Shengyun Industry Development Co., Ltd came to Dangjia Village in Gaokan Town, visited and condoled poor families and five-guarantee old people in the village, learned about their life situation and showed the concern of company leaders to express care and loving concern to them. The company brought condoling goods like noodle, oil and yell......More

Further promote Haoyun employees skill activities

[News center] Time:2014-02-22 | Read:614

Further promote Haoyun employees skill activities......More

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